Everything is not as it was yesterday

by Cuckoo's Nest



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This work about what you love, what you hate, what you wait and about what you already forgot and will never remember.
About what will never return and what you will never attain.
About mistakes that you made and that you will make again and again.
About your pain and suffering, your lost time and empty hopes.
About your current and future life.
About my life. About everybody. And noone. About nothing.


released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Cuckoo's Nest Николаев, Ukraine

"Cuckoo's Nest" project formed in 2011 in Mykolaiv, south of Ukraine. First album was released in September 2012 and called "Dark shades of lunacy". Second, "Everything is not as it was yesterday" was released in November 2014 by Pest Prod. (China). Now guys from band are working on their third album "Tales of human being". ... more

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Track Name: Full of dark shades
Floor. Blood. Death. Laught.

I feel myself exhausted,
Reminding best moments of my life
And watching how I'm getting out,
Out of my body.

The angels flying in the sky
But their attention not on me
Some claws incoming from the ground
And getting me down.

The ground has been destroyed before my eyes
I'm falling in this pit
Just got one thing in mind
That it's the end of my life.

And days when I was young, days when I've got everything
Like my wife and family, lovely son and happines.
Only now I'm understanding, That I've lost all of them
All wonderful moments.

And it's time to pay
For everything worse, time to pay
For everything
Track Name: So close, too far away...
So close, too far away from my dream

Set a goal
And try to achieve it
Because you can't
Live without any reason
Life is
So boring
If you
Just exist

On this hard way
You will face a lot of foes
Who will try to
Make your dream step a side
The spirit
Must be rebellious
Faith is infinite
Diligence is eternal

This is your own way
Don't let explode your brain
Just rush an aim
And say: "Stay away!

Stay away! From me! From my dream! From mine reality!"

Don't try to steal it
It is mine
Track Name: Everything is not as it was yesterday
Loneliness spreads
Despair of grain in me
Wind will scatter
Them in barren land

Nobody will remember my name
Lifeless moan instead of words
You will remind me about yourself
And image of endless dreams

My heart is burning
Grief, sadness and sorrow
My tears is blood
From pain through it I cried.

Everything is not as it was yesterday
Track Name: World of empty hopes
Держа бездушный, томный взгляд
Рисую резкие штрихи...
А на холсте выходит ад,
Ведомый призраком тоски.
И погружаясь в тишину,
Во мраке истощенных мыслей,
Я проникаю в пустоту
Бесчисленный забытых жизней.

Безмерных далей глубина
Без страха, боли, негатива,
Суть - трансцедентность бытия,
Где Хаос сам всему причина.
В меридианах пустоты
Свободен ум от предпочтений,
Как сон незримый наяву...
Я возвращаюсь в мир явлений.

И снова лист пустых начал
Лежит под бледною рукой,
И что-то вновь нарисовал
Веселый мир и в нем покой.
Стирая гнев из сердца проч,
Вновь новый штрих я провожу,
Лишь сам себе могу помочь
Но все опять потом сотру.

Резкий штрих карандашом
Вновь рисую на листе.
Мрачный мир рисую в нем
В черно-белой тишине.
Все статично,нет проблем,
Момент один запечатлен.
Мрачный разум мой прозрел,
В глубь себя он погружён.

Не знав природу пустоты,
Блуждал глупец среди иллюзий
Волнами мыслей суеты
Ломал ума своих диффузий.
На разрисованном листе
Пустых надежд создал я мир,
Стирать не буду я...уйду,
Оставив так, как сотворил.